9 ideas for connecting to your higher purpose

How do you connect to your higher purpose?

This is where individuality comes in; because there is no one answer.  Just as there is no definitive answer to the questions:

  • What is your passion?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What is your greatest talent?

The answer to these questions is unique to each individual, and that is as it should be.

So it is with connecting to your higher purpose.  It is not any one thing; it is lots of things that lead you to that place of knowing and certainty. Like putting together the pieces of a puzzle.  There will always be easy pieces that you can slot right into place.  So you begin with these and that gets the momentum going.  As you progress it often becomes obvious where the more difficult pieces go.  Sometimes you will pick up a piece and then put it down again several times.  As you progress the overall picture becomes clearer and clearer, so that it doesn’t really matter in the end whether or not you slot the last few pieces into place, you can still see the overall picture.

So start with the puzzle of finding your higher purpose.  There are lots of pieces to the puzzle.  Begin with the easy pieces, the things that you find easy to do, and keep trying different pieces until it all falls into place for you and your own personal picture becomes clear.  Don’t worry if some of the pieces don’t seem to fit into your puzzle, just keep trying lots of different pieces to give yourself the best chance of getting the overall picture.

To get you going, here are 9 ideas for connecting to your higher purpose:

  1. MEDITATION – creating the time and space for God (the universe/universal consciousness) to speak to you.
  2. BEING GROUNDED – having a physical connection with nature can speak directly into your spirit.
  3. VALUES – what’s important to you?  What matters most?  What are the things on which you will not compromise?
  4. STRENGTHS – if you were created for a purpose, then certainly the creator embedded in you the ability to fulfil that purpose.  Finding out what your strengths are can be a real clue.
  5. PASSIONS – what ignites you excites you, fires you up?
  6. EMOTIONS – what triggers the greatest emotional response in you?  What makes you really happy, really angry or sad?
  7. RESISTANCE – where do you feel blockages in your life and where do they come from?  Deconstructing these can often open the pathway for your intuitive desires to come forth.
  8. CREATIVITY – it can be both a way to discover your higher purpose, and an expression of your connection to your higher purpose.
  9. DREAMS – What were some of your childhood dreams?  What happened to them?  If you rediscover your dreams and how they connect you to your higher purpose and immediately take baby steps towards achieving them, it will transform how you feel about your life and the results you get.

What would you add to this list?  Please leave your comments below – I would love your input and will post an update to this article acknowledging the source of the additional ideas I receive.

Connecting to your higher purpose could be the single most important thing you ever do in your life, so approach it with dedication, determination and in a constructive, organised way.  It is not something at which you should make a half-hearted, haphazard attempt.

Get yourself a workbook; pick a puzzle piece and see how it fits.  Record your results, and reflect on your progress (or lack there of – that can also be revealing).  Compare notes with others.  Read, study, learn and apply.  Keep working at the puzzle until your picture is clear.

In my next few articles I will examine in detail the puzzle pieces listed above and explore more fully the way in which they each assist you to connect to your higher purpose.

Remember to leave a comment below, especially if you have ideas you would like to add.

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