You are a creative genius!

Don’t deny it – it is true.  You ARE a creative genius.
God (the universe) is a creator.
You were created “in God’s image”.
Therefore you MUST be a creator as well.

But don’t think of creativity as just art, music or dance.  Creativity is broadly defined as:

the ability to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others.

Creativity is basically problem solving, and we can all do that.  We all NEED to do that, so creativity becomes crucial for success in every aspect of your life.

Get rid of your pre-conceived ideas about creativity, your ability to be creative, and your judgements about the quality of your creative output.  A creative work cannot be right or wrong – it is the expression of your unique perspective at that moment in time.  It is not about technical excellence or skill, it is simply about self expression.  So welcome whatever comes, and just allow it to be, recognising that at another moment in time it will be different because you will be different.

People talk about creative flow, which is an effortless yet highly focused state of consciousness where you lose all sense of time and become one with the task in front of you.  Ideas and inspiration may seem to come from outside yourself, or may rise up from deep within and enter your realm of consciousness.  This is the kind of connection you seek.

If you are not feeling very inspired or creative, check out my post on Kick Starting Your Creative Genius for some ideas.

The interesting thing about Creativity is that besides being an expression of your connection to your higher purpose it can also be a way to discover your higher purpose.

How does creativity help you to discover your higher purpose?

Entering into a creative state can get you thinking about things in a new way, open you up to new possibilities and put you into a receptive frame of mind so that new ideas are perceived and considered afresh.

Giving yourself the time and space to be creative will also open the channels of communication for God (the universe) to reveal the nature of your talents, strengths, passions and how these relate to your higher purpose.

Creative pursuits you could try:
•    Journaling or story writing
•    Painting or drawing
•    Scrap booking or similar crafts
•    Sewing, knitting or crochet
•    Playing a musical instrument

What do you intuitively write, draw or sing?  This could provide a clue regarding your higher purpose.  Just the process of being creative may allow ideas to come to you at unrelated moments.  Be ready to capture these ideas – have a notebook with you to write down flashes of inspiration when they happen.  Creativity can unlock your connection to the divine, leading to more creative ideas and/or inspiration as to the nature of your higher purpose.

Again, I recommend you check out my post on Kick Starting Your Creative Genius for some ideas.

Question for you:  How do you use creativity to enhance your business success?  Leave a comment for me with your answers.


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