How do I know whether I have found the right path?

How do I know whether THIS is it?

If you are concerned with trying to find your purpose in life, you may be wondering how to know for sure when you have found it.

There may be a number of strengths and passions you have, and you could choose to follow any one of them.  Your values may indicate a particular direction as being of primary importance to you.  There are so many opportunities out there.  How do you really know what is the right path to take?  How do you know that THIS is it?

Good question.! You will notice that the focus of my blog, and indeed my mission in life, is about CONNECTING to higher purpose – it is not about FINDING your life purpose.  Your purpose in life is not one particular thing that you have to find, because it has been lost, mislaid, not recognised or bypassed or so far undiscovered.  There is no one right thing, one and only opportunity that you should pursue to arrive at one final ultimate destination.

I believe that there are multiple pathways to your higher purpose.  It is not a matter of going through a lengthy process to discover your higher purpose, getting absolute certainty about it and then setting off on that singular path.  It is about making the CONNECTION to God (the universe/universal consciousness) so that you come to an internal knowing about what is the right path for you.  Armed with this information you take action, setting about the next task or opportunity that presents itself to you that you know to be in alignment with your higher purpose.

It does not necessarily mean that your first course of action will lead you directly and immediately to the achievement of your ultimate goal.  Life is a journey.  Is there one straight road to get from Perth to Sydney, London to Edinburgh, or Washington to San Francisco?  No.  There are multiple routes that you could take with lots of twists and turns and obstacles to navigate.

So you may initially set off on a route that you thought was a major highway, only to find that it really is just a meandering track that doesn’t seem to take you very far very fast.  You feel disappointed at where it leads you and you choose another route.  Was that first route you chose wrong?  Did you “miss it”?  No.  If you took the time to CONNECT to your higher purpose, then that was the right route for you at that time.  You probably grew as a person or learned a skill or established a relationship that will be vital to you on the next stage of your journey.  But you can’t see that now.

If you stay CONNECTED to your higher purpose then you can feel confident about your next step, trusting that God (the universe/ universal consciousness) is guiding you.

So CONNECTING to your higher purpose is not a one-off event, a cataclysmic life changing realisation that takes place at a certain point in time.  It is an ongoing process.  It is about being connected and staying connected at every point along the journey.  It is about taking the time and making the effort to CONNECT, align yourself with what God (the universe/universal consciousness) reveals to you and then taking action. The key thing is to stay CONNECTED, trusting that as you do your part the universe is doing its part to bring about the desires of your heart.