A 4 step process for clearing RESISTANCE

What are your sticking points?  What is getting in the way of your success? What blockages have you experienced in your pathway so far?

While I don’t like to focus on the negative (because you get what you focus on) if we want to move a fallen tree on our pathway we do usually have to look at it in order to chop it up and move it aside.

You will know if you are experiencing resistance.  While on a conscious level you know, believe and affirm one thing, the physical manifestation in your life will be something else.  Have you for example tried the “law of attraction” and come to the conclusion that it just doesn’t work for you?  Do you think that there must be some hidden secret, some extra piece of knowledge that is missing, and that if you could just discover what it is then everything would fall into place?  Or have you decided that while it works for everyone else it will not work for you – because you are not worthy?

If you have already connected to your higher purpose and your blockage concerns an apparent inability to manifest success, it may be possible for you to move past it without ever knowing what caused it.  I will discuss the techniques for doing that in another blog post.

However if your blockage manifests while you are attempting to connect to your higher purpose it may prevent you from feeling grounded, entering into a meditative state, fully experiencing your emotions or being able to tune into your passions, strengths and values.  Making the connection to your higher purpose before moving forward is key, because it brings about a special kind of synchronicity.  So it is important to remove any resistance that is preventing you from connecting.

In this post I would like to share a method of deconstructing blockages that I found very helpful.  It cleared the debris so that I could see the pathway ahead (focus and get direction).  It is based somewhat on Byron Katie’s “The Work”.

STEP 1 –  your story.  We all have a story.  It is about the things that have happened to you in your life journey so far and the reasons why you are where you are in life.  Identify the major milestones in your story.

STEP 2 – the meaning you gave it.  Looking at your major milestones, have a think about the underlying meaning for each one.  What have you made it mean?  For example:
Milestone:  My partner left me
Meaning:  I am unlovable

STEP 3 – ask the questions.  Take the meaning associated with each of your milestones and (for each one) write down your answers to the following questions:
1  Is it true?  Do I absolutely know that it is true?
2  How do I feel and act when I believe it is true?
3  What is the pay-off to me in believing this?
4  What is the cost to me in believing this?
5  Who would I be without this belief?

STEP 4 – turn it around.  Write a statement that is the opposite, for example:
Milestone’s Meaning:  I am unlovable
Turnaround = I am lovable
Now find three specific examples of how the turnaround is true in your life (it is amazing how easy it is to find the examples when you think about it).

That’s it.

The process seems almost too simple, but it works.

To quote Byron Katie:

I don’ let go of my concepts—I question them. Then they let go of me.


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