You’ve got to have a Dream

Remember the lyrics from “Happy Talk” in the musical South Pacific?

You got to have a dream,
If you don’t have a dream,
How you gonna have a dream come true?

What were some of your childhood dreams?  Were you a movie star, a rock singer, a major league footballer, pro golfer, astronaut?  Whatever it was, I’m sure it was something big.  You didn’t dream about being a filing clerk in a government department, did you?  Your dreams weren’t mundane, boring, repetitive and depressing.  They were exciting, inspiring and action-filled, weren’t they?  And they occupied a lot of your imaginative play time, no doubt.

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Life needs to be about something bigger

Viola Davis, 46, and her husband, actor Julian Tennon, announced that they have adopted a newborn baby girl named Genesis.  This is the first child for the couple. (Tennon has two children from previous relationships.)  Viola’s comments, made at Starz’s 15th annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala in Los Angeles:

It’s giving me purpose,” said a beaming Davis. “After a while, your life cannot be about hair and make-up and what film you’re doing next. It’s got to be about something bigger and larger. Especially when half your life is already gone and you look back at what are you leaving behind. For me, it’s a child. That truly is the key.”

How do I know whether I have found the right path?

How do I know whether THIS is it?

If you are concerned with trying to find your purpose in life, you may be wondering how to know for sure when you have found it.

There may be a number of strengths and passions you have, and you could choose to follow any one of them.  Your values may indicate a particular direction as being of primary importance to you.  There are so many opportunities out there.  How do you really know what is the right path to take?  How do you know that THIS is it?

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You are a creative genius!

Don’t deny it – it is true.  You ARE a creative genius.
God (the universe) is a creator.
You were created “in God’s image”.
Therefore you MUST be a creator as well.

But don’t think of creativity as just art, music or dance.  Creativity is broadly defined as:

the ability to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others.

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A 4 step process for clearing RESISTANCE

What are your sticking points?  What is getting in the way of your success? What blockages have you experienced in your pathway so far?

While I don’t like to focus on the negative (because you get what you focus on) if we want to move a fallen tree on our pathway we do usually have to look at it in order to chop it up and move it aside.

You will know if you are experiencing resistance.  While on a conscious level you know, believe and affirm one thing, the physical manifestation in your life will be something else.  Have you for example tried the “law of attraction” and come to the conclusion that it just doesn’t work for you?  Do you think that there must be some hidden secret, some extra piece of knowledge that is missing, and that if you could just discover what it is then everything would fall into place?  Or have you decided that while it works for everyone else it will not work for you – because you are not worthy?

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How can EMOTIONS help you connect to your higher purpose?

We tend to judge our emotions as being good or bad.  We want to feel more of the good emotions (happiness, peace, joy, love) and less of the bad (anger, hate, resentment).

However the full range of emotions exists for a reason.  Imagine if you were driving a car that had no warning lights to let you know that your oil was dangerously low, your radiator overheating or the battery running out of charge?  These are small items that can be easily fixed but left unattended they turn into major repair jobs.

Emotions are like the indicator lights on our car dashboard.  They give us a clue as to what is going on internally.  It is always a good idea to acknowledge our emotions – if we try to push them down they have a nasty habit of popping up (vastly magnified) at very inconvenient times.  Tuning into your emotions is the smart thing to do.

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7 clues to your PASSION

Passion – what ignites you, excites you, fires you up?

I referred to passion when discussing strengths.  Often the things we are passionate about also link into our strengths and give us a good indication as to our higher purpose.  We all love doing things we are good at. We feel enthusiastic and excited about opportunities to use our strengths.  Finding your passion is a whole lot more than just identifying your strengths, however.  Identifying your passion requires a completely different set of questions.

Here are 7 passion clues for you:

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How to discover your STRENGTHS

Strengths – if you were created for a purpose, then certainly the creator embedded in you the ability to fulfil that purpose.  Finding out what your strengths are can be a good indicator of your higher purpose.

Your strengths are underpinned by your talents.  Obviously you are going to be best at those things you find easy – the things you are naturally talented at.

Your dominant talents appear naturally no matter where you are or what you are doing.  Often we can easily identify creative or artistic talents that we possess, for example:  painting, singing, playing piano.  However we may struggle to really know the talents we possess that can help us be successful with our job, running a business, or building better relationships.

Your talents can be identified by:

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How to discover your core VALUES

Your core values are the drivers of your actions. They determine your focus and direction, help you prioritise your time and motivate you to persist in the face of setbacks. If you want to live a life that is aligned to your higher purpose, it is crucial that you identify your core values.

Here is a values list that you can download. The aim is to create a list of your top ten values, but I want you to begin by identifying 20 values on this list that really resonate with you. Feel free to add values that are important to you if they are not on the list.

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