How can EMOTIONS help you connect to your higher purpose?

We tend to judge our emotions as being good or bad.  We want to feel more of the good emotions (happiness, peace, joy, love) and less of the bad (anger, hate, resentment).

However the full range of emotions exists for a reason.  Imagine if you were driving a car that had no warning lights to let you know that your oil was dangerously low, your radiator overheating or the battery running out of charge?  These are small items that can be easily fixed but left unattended they turn into major repair jobs.

Emotions are like the indicator lights on our car dashboard.  They give us a clue as to what is going on internally.  It is always a good idea to acknowledge our emotions – if we try to push them down they have a nasty habit of popping up (vastly magnified) at very inconvenient times.  Tuning into your emotions is the smart thing to do.

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7 clues to your PASSION

Passion – what ignites you, excites you, fires you up?

I referred to passion when discussing strengths.  Often the things we are passionate about also link into our strengths and give us a good indication as to our higher purpose.  We all love doing things we are good at. We feel enthusiastic and excited about opportunities to use our strengths.  Finding your passion is a whole lot more than just identifying your strengths, however.  Identifying your passion requires a completely different set of questions.

Here are 7 passion clues for you:

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How to discover your STRENGTHS

Strengths – if you were created for a purpose, then certainly the creator embedded in you the ability to fulfil that purpose.  Finding out what your strengths are can be a good indicator of your higher purpose.

Your strengths are underpinned by your talents.  Obviously you are going to be best at those things you find easy – the things you are naturally talented at.

Your dominant talents appear naturally no matter where you are or what you are doing.  Often we can easily identify creative or artistic talents that we possess, for example:  painting, singing, playing piano.  However we may struggle to really know the talents we possess that can help us be successful with our job, running a business, or building better relationships.

Your talents can be identified by:

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How to discover your core VALUES

Your core values are the drivers of your actions. They determine your focus and direction, help you prioritise your time and motivate you to persist in the face of setbacks. If you want to live a life that is aligned to your higher purpose, it is crucial that you identify your core values.

Here is a values list that you can download. The aim is to create a list of your top ten values, but I want you to begin by identifying 20 values on this list that really resonate with you. Feel free to add values that are important to you if they are not on the list.

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10 Benefits of Being GROUNDED

What does being grounded mean to you?

•    The parent-imposed punishment of being restricted to the house
•    The earth wire on electrical circuits
•    Being well informed on a topic (well grounded)
•    That an aircraft is not allowed to fly

Has a lot of different connotations, doesn’t it? (And not all positive.)

People who are grounded are usually described as “down to earth”, stable, calm and centred.  By contrast, people who are not grounded may be forgetful, scatty, unbalanced, overly emotional, “hyped up” and illogical.

Is being grounded starting to sound like a good idea?

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Why Meditate?

Perhaps you are a down-to-earth, practical, realistic business person.  The thought of meditation seems so airy-fairy, so new-age, that you don’t see it as a viable strategy for success.

I’m with you about the new-age stuff.  When I was researching this whole topic of connecting to your higher purpose I was dismayed by how many new age blogs there are sprouting forth information about the great cosmic consciousness and how crystals, psychic guides and angels can help you.  They may have something to offer, but it just did not appeal to me, and I questioned the value of pursuing the higher purpose theme in general and meditation as a specific tool.

However, I knew beyond any shadow of doubt from my own personal experience the value of being able to connect to your higher purpose.  And a lot of highly respected business people talk about how important it is to meditate.  I realised it doesn’t all have to be airy-fairy.  So I began to explore the options.

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9 ideas for connecting to your higher purpose

How do you connect to your higher purpose?

This is where individuality comes in; because there is no one answer.  Just as there is no definitive answer to the questions:

  • What is your passion?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What is your greatest talent?

The answer to these questions is unique to each individual, and that is as it should be.

So it is with connecting to your higher purpose.  It is not any one thing; it is lots of things that lead you to that place of knowing and certainty. Like putting together the pieces of a puzzle.  There will always be easy pieces that you can slot right into place.  So you begin with these and that gets the momentum going.  As you progress it often becomes obvious where the more difficult pieces go.  Sometimes you will pick up a piece and then put it down again several times.  As you progress the overall picture becomes clearer and clearer, so that it doesn’t really matter in the end whether or not you slot the last few pieces into place, you can still see the overall picture.

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Is there more?

Ever have a sneaking feeling that things are not what they appear?  As in the move “The Matrix” where Neo chooses to awaken and realises that life is not at all as it seemed. Neo’s awakening is symbolic of our need to question our beliefs about the world and discover what exists behind our illusions.

Do you sometimes get a feeling of dis-satisfaction with your life….. a sense that there could be (must be) more? That life is not all about the daily grind, a routine life and the 9-5 job that consumes so much of your time but leaves you unfulfilled?  Have you experienced success, only to find that victory is somehow empty, missing some key ingredient that would make it truly satisfying?  Or have you been striving to achieve and for some reason can’t quite seem to “get it together”? Nothing works, you have some kind of blockage, but can’t figure out what it is.

What could be missing is your connection to your higher purpose.  I firmly believe that each of us has a unique place and purpose in life.  There is something we are meant to do that no one else can do for us.  And it is only when we step up to that higher ground that we truly feel complete, whole and fulfilled.

A life aligned with your higher purpose is one where you experience the ease of being “in the flow”, feeling the peace that comes from knowing that you are doing what you are meant to do, making a contribution, making a difference and leaving a legacy by doing the things that really matter.

What is YOUR higher purpose?

That is a question that ultimately only you can answer.  All I can do is be a spiritual spark that fires up a connection that helps YOU find YOUR higher purpose.  To that end, this web site aims to provide you with resources to assist, inspire and encourage you in your journey.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below as I would love to help you.


PS:  You might want to start with 9 ideas for connecting to your higher purpose.