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9 ideas for connecting to your higher purpose:

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  1. MEDITATION – creating the time and space for God (the universe/universal consciousness) to speak to you.
  2. BEING GROUNDED – having a physical connection with nature can speak directly into your spirit.
  3. VALUES – what’s important to you?  What matters most?  What are the things on which you will not compromise?
  4. STRENGTHS – if you were created for a purpose, then certainly the creator embedded in you the ability to fulfil that purpose.  Finding out what your strengths are can be a real clue.
  5. PASSIONS – what ignites you excites you, fires you up?
  6. EMOTIONS – what triggers the greatest emotional response in you?  What makes you really happy, really angry or sad?
  7. RESISTANCE – where do you feel blockages in your life and where do they come from?  Deconstructing these can often open the pathway for your intuitive desires to come forth.
  8. CREATIVITY – what is revealed when you access your creative potential?  What do you intuitively write, draw or sing?
  9. DREAMS – what were some of your childhood dreams?  What happened to them?  If you rediscover your dreams and how they connect you to your higher purpose and immediately take baby steps towards achieving them, it will transform how you feel about your life and the results you get.


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